Service & Support

1.OEM support for you:

Machines can be customized as your requirement (crashing demands, special specification, color, safety improvement, electronics from some reliable brands, etc). we always select and manufacture the applicable models for you, to make the engineering value maximum.

2. Responsible production process:

We are responsible for the whole process, conscientious production coordinators keep track of the materials’ buying, manufacturing, assembling, packing & shipping,  professional inspectors do their utmost to control the quality, during the period we always keep touch with the customers.

3. Guaranty period:

12 months after the equipment is accepted by the buyer, however, the guarantee period is no longer than 15 months after equipment's departure from Zhongshan port, China.

4. Factory-inspection:

Honestly welcome you to visit our factory and know more about our ability. Or, you can send some materials to us for test, we will shred your materials and take video for you.

5. After-sale:

During the guaranty period, if spare parts broken, except easy-damaged parts, replacement can be posted to you. If any technical question, there is 24-hour technical support, technicians can be dispatched to customers’ site for installation, debugging, maintenance & operators training to ensure every machines can work properly.

Contact Us

Contact: Sunny He

Phone: 0086-18938780708

Tel: 0086-0760-88786807

Company: OMS Machinery Co., Ltd.

Add: No.1 Daxin Road, South District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China (Post: 528455)

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