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OMS Participated in Zhongshan City, 2016 years of work machine industry chain supporting collaboration match meeting

March 15, 2016, by the Zhongshan City Economic and Information Bureau organized by the city of Zhongshan City in 2016, supporting the machine industry chain supporting the collaboration will be held in Zhongshan City, a large letter Holiday Inn. Mr. Long Xiaobin, Chairman of OMS, attended the meeting.

In 2015, Zhongshan City, the introduction of the "Zhongshan City People's Government Office on the promotion of working machine manufacturing industry, a number of opinions" (Zhongfu Ban [2015] No. 49), the policy of "Zhongshan enterprises to buy local workers machine products for technology Transformation or replenishment expansion, according to not more than 30% of the purchase price to give subsidies, a single project up to 5 million yuan. In 2015, the working machine special funds arranged 25.91 million yuan to support the machine tool project 82. 2016, further support the financial support, plans to arrange 80 million yuan of funds to support the machine tool project.


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