OMS to TCL transport "invisible robot"

"On our side through the system can learn to use our factory equipment, can be remotely controlled and maintenance, in addition, the workshop production data can also be docking with ERP, we can also help enterprises to optimize the production process, improve the management." Yesterday, Zhongshan City OMS Industrial Co. Ltd. chairman Long Xiaobin told reporters, at present the system has been completed the experiment, is entering the installation phase.
In Long Xiaobin's words, "machine substitution" is only the first step in intelligent production, first to reduce the number of standard parts of manpower, and then digital, intelligent, information-based, and multi network, multi information fusion. Relative to the "robot manipulator" and other tangible robots in the workshop, these "information" and "big data processing" are called "invisible robots"".
In the R & D department OMS electric company, the reporter saw only a few computer and several technical personnel, technical personnel only need to open the computer, the device name, their operation information clearly. According to Long Xiaobin introduced, this is precisely they and TCL Zhongshan company cooperation intellectualized production workshop project. The project has jointly applied for the municipal technological transformation project in the special equipment for manufacturing equipment development in 2013. Long Xiaobin said, the air conditioner intelligent production workshop of the project proposed mainly consists of three aspects: one is the development of air conditioner production workshop key intelligent production equipment, including CNC bending machine, CNC U long U pipe bending machine, CNC machine, ring type forced tube expanding machine, robot and so on; the two is the establishment of visual digital workshop management system, connected through the terminal bus CC - link and Internet network and production equipment, the production site to achieve the whole process of information and visual management, timely collecting production first-hand information data and the feedback plan and deal with the problem of reasonable to the production site, online simulation of production and processing; the three is the establishment of the database, the digital workshop system, EPR system and real production workshop three systems connected to each other, and realize seamless connection to the entire production process information system.
According to reports, the project formulation and implementation cycle of 2 years. The total investment of 75 million 360 thousand yuan, including construction investment and working capital. Long Xiaobin said the digital workshop control system mainly solves the "gap" between product design and product manufacturing, and shortens the product manufacturing cycle. The digital workshop of air conditioner will realize the interconnection and centralized monitoring of numerical control equipment in the process of production, and use the key equipment with more than 95% of the numerical control rate to achieve the intellectualization and greenness of the air conditioner manufacturing process.
Long Xiaobin said that these "invisible robot" can bring great economic benefits for the air conditioning enterprises: one is to reduce energy consumption per kWh 1.2 yuan per year calculation, each device can save more than 80 thousand yuan in sales; two is to save raw material and machine compared with traditional hydraulic tube expansion, the traditional average per piece copper 8.03kg, and the model is 7.71kg, according to the average day making 600 dollars, new equipment every day can save about 4% of copper. According to the annual work schedule of 300 days, a single set of machines can save 57600kg copper per year, with reference to the current copper price, 30 yuan per kilogram, the annual savings of 1 million 728 thousand yuan per set of equipment.


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